Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have A Thistle Farms Wedding

At Thistle Farms, we believe in the power of love. If you are planning a wedding, why not show others that you believe too?

All of our natural products are hand made by women who have survived violence, prostitution and addiction - who have seen first hand that love is the strongest force for change in the world. As you think about gifts and ideas for your wedding, consider that each Thistle Farms product is created and packaged by a woman who is putting love into it for your special day. Have a hand in helping another woman learn that love is more powerful than all the forces that drive women to the streets.

Here are a few ideas of how to become a Thistle Farming bride:

Lavender Rice Sachets: A tradition that dates back to Rome, our sachets arefilled with lavender rice that when thrown at the end of the ceremony, won't harm birds, but will fill the air naturally and fragrantly. Pick a sachet bag from a variety of wedding colors and a let the women of Thistle Farms create a gift to allow everyone to participate in your special day!

“In Lieu of Favors” Framed Sign and Postcards: Donating funds to a charity in lieu of giving guests favors is a very socially responsible and heartfelt way to thank your friends and family for sharing in your wedding. Thistle Farms will create a beautiful framed piece of artwork on thistle paper to let your guests know that a donation has been made in their name to the organization. Bride and Grooms have three choices of frames (black, white or silver) and three wording options to fit your own personal style. In addition, 250 matching postcards will be printed to hand out to your guests so they have a keepsake from the day and a reminder of the gesture.

Wedding Favors: If you do decide on favors for your guests, Thistle Farms Lip Balm is a perfect one to use at a wedding – especially since there’s a lot of kissing going on! Pick from five scents of handmade lip balms (tuscan earth, citrus vanilla, lavender healing, tea tree mint, unscented – or let us choose a mix of scents), which will be attached to a keepsake postcard with the Bride & Groom’s names and wedding date. Great for both men and women.

Gift Baskets: For the select few people you've invited to be a special part of your big day, consider personalized gift baskets from Thistle Farms. Filled with your choice of four fragrances (tuscan earth, citrus vanilla, lavender healing and tea tree mint), pick the size of basket filled with handmade bath and body products that fit your needs and pocketbook. Each basket will also contain a personal note from the bride and groom signed by the women who have made the products, on a card created by a Thistle Farms’ employee.

A Thistle Farms Bridal Shower: Instead of a typical bridal shower, host a unique Thistle Farms Bridal Shower. Two of our trained employees will come to you, share their personal stories of hope, and tell you about our products. Sample our divine Body Polish (perfect for quick pedicures and manicures), our creamy Body Butter or smell our naturally fragrant candles. Celebrate your special day with women and products that truly say "Love heals."

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And congratulations
from all the women of Thistle Farms!

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