Sunday, November 29, 2009

Principle 19: Live In Gratitude

Everything is a gift,
so we can offer and accept it all with gratitude.

We contribute in gratitude for all we have been given
so that our gifts can be offered to others
with no strings attached.

Gifts given over and over
eventually come around the circle of love is completed.
Everyone is giving,
and everyone is receiving.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TESTIMONIAL! - Lip Smoothie

A new feature of the Thistle Farms blog is our TESTIMONIAL! posts. If you have tried out one of our products, visited the store, seen Thistle Farms featured in any publication or just want to let the world know how much you love Thistle Farms' products, tell us about it!

Our first TESTIMONIAL! comes from Yasmin in Nashville:

"I just wanted Magdalene House to know that I purchased your lip smoothie recently. I've used several organic lip balms before, but this one is "like butta" on my lips.

I have found that I can use it under my regular lipstick and my lips stay moisturized since most lipsticks tend to dry out my lips.

I love that it's sold in several shops around town where I can run in and get some when I run out. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product. I love it!"

Thank you, Yasmin!

To purchase our lip smoothie (ingredients including almond oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and pomegranate flavor oil), go to

If you have a TESTIMONIAL! you'd like to share with us, email and tell us your story!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Face of Love Fundraiser Video

As we mentioned before, the fall fundraiser was a huge success and one of the highlights of the evening was a multimedia presentation showing what 'the face of love' looks like to different people in the community. Click on the videos below to experience the beauty again!

You can also keep up with Thistle Farms' YouTube page (thistlefarmsofTN) for more videos showcasing the work of the organization.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Principle 18: Walk Behind

On the spiritual path
we are not asked to walk side by side as friends.
We are asked to walk behind our God.

We are called to learn what servant hood means
and to follow our spiritual path.

We need to be servants of one another,
everyone with different jobs.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Magdalene Overview on YouTube

With the help of our dear friend, Patti Blevins, Magdalene & Thistle Farms now has a video on YouTube! This 6 minute piece shows a deeper look into the Magdalene program, the women who have benefited from it and the outreach that Magdalene and Thistle Farms continue to do throughout the world.

Click on the video below or come check out our home on YouTube -- thistlefarmsofTN.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Principle 17: Remember You Have Been in a Ditch

We do not share the same experiences,
but we all have been in need sometime in our lives.

We stay grateful for when someone
lifted us out of the ditch
and offered us food,
and shelter.

We offer these gifts in gratitude
with no strings attached.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Fundraiser Recap

On Wednesday, November 4th, Thistle Farms hosted its annual Fall Fundraiser at the Vanderbilt Student Center. Attendees were treated to an inspirational evening of music, art and reflection led by Magdalene founder and executive director, Becca Stevens. The evening featured a moving multimedia presentation with photographs submitted by, among others, Governor Phil Bredesen, renowned sculptor Alan LeQuire, WSMV anchor Demetria Kalodimos, Chief of Police Ronal Serpas, songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, Internationally Renowned artist Paul Harmon and the current Magdalene residents. Music for the evening was directed by Becca’s husband, Grammy Award-winning songwriter Marcus Hummon.

The fall fundraiser is the primary means that Magdalene/Thistle Farms raises money to continue to keep their doors open to women on the streets. While pledges are still coming in, the evening's total amount collected in gifts and pledges was $202,000 for this year!

We are so blessed by the generosity of those who attended and donated money. We extend our heart-felt gratitude to everyone and wanted to share a few photos from the magical night. To see more pictures, become a fan of Thistle Farms on Facebook and check out the Face of Love Fall Fundraiser photo album!

photos by Carole Hagan

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Becca on Hour of Power

Becca Stevens was the invited guest on Crystal Cathedral Ministries "Hour of Power." You can watch the TV broadcast online HERE or read her interview by Dr. Schuller HERE.

Principle 16: Lose Gracefully

If you are wrong,
act with grace
and carry on with the work of healing.
It is the easiest way to move forward
in peace.

Say you are sorry
for whatever wrong you have done,
ask for forgiveness,
and let it go.
It is not yours to worry about anymore.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Principle 15: Listen to a New Idea

We are open to other perspectives about new ways of acting or thinking.

If we think that no one else understands us,
we may dismiss some good and fresh ideas.

We want our lives to be changed by this journey,
so we need to be more open to being changed.