Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snake Oil

Thistle Farms is excited to announce the coming release of Snake Oil: The Art of Healing and Truth-Telling from founder Becca StevensHistorically, snake oil salesman have had reputations as swindlers, their oils claiming to cure any ailment or ache while in the end only emptying a customer’s pockets. In Becca's latest book, she talks about her desire to reclaim the idea of being a snake oil salesman:  
“I knew I needed to reclaim the title in a more positive light. After all, I had all the tools I needed to sell the promise of healing. I had a heart full of gratitude, a fair amount of brokenness, a healthy dose of skepticism, a hankering for entrepreneurship, and a big desire to help the underdog. All of those ingredients, mixed with being a priest and advocate for women on the streets, created a recipe for changing lives.” 
Woven through-out the book are individual stories of the women of Magdalene, along with recipes for healing oils and salves and meditations from Becca about their use.

In conjunction with the book, Thistle Farms is launching a new line of healing oils. The recipes have been used for thousands of years in cultures around the world, both for spiritual and physical healing. The hope is that these oils would reflect the values of this community and would be a new way to heal the skin, soothe stress and world-weary spirits, and help bring women off the streets. We hope you will come alongside the women of Magdalene in this journey of healing.

You are invited to attend a special event to celebrate the release of a book Snake Oil as well as the launch of the Healing Oils line: March 12, 6:15pm, at the Nashville Downtown Public Library. The Salon@615 event, sponsored by Parnassus Books, the Nashville Public Library and Humanities TennesseeBecca will be speaking and signing books. Thistle Farms products will also be on sale.

The event is free. The Salon@615 site references a 'free ticketed' event but tickets and registration are not necessary. Advanced, ticketed seats were offered, but are no longer available. But there is still plenty of room at the event. Join us! 

Visit the Salon@615 site for more info. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Why I Went Back to School

Chelle is the Office Manager and Administrative Assistant to Holli, the General Manager for Thistle Farms. Her job keeps her constantly at the center of Thistle Farms (and much in demand!). 

Chelle writes company checks and makes all deposits, she manages the checkbook, take payments from the wholesale accounts, creates cash banks for Thistle Farms events and home parties, deals with vendors, distribute checks to employees, and if that isn't enough, she is also the one-person Human Resources department for the company! 

Chelle is also a mother to three children and is a graduate of the Magdalene program.

Recently, Chelle made the remarkable decision to go back to school. With all she has on her plate, we wanted to know what the experience was like!

"I love my job as it has given me the confidence to further my education. I am also a mother of three and want them to know that education is important. This may not be an easy journey but I accept the challenge. The first class I'm taking is a math class - the first one I've had in 26 years! It was scary going the first day but the teacher was really nice. I've done my homework - so I'm not as scared as I was. But now I want a a tutor, a backpack and to dress like the college kids!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspiration: Monique & Sheri

Inspiration comes in many forms: a powerful speech, a candle burning, a mother's love. Thistle Farmers Monique & Sheri share similar ideas of inspiration:

Monique, who works in sales, named her mother as her biggest inspiration in life. According to Monique, her mother was a director of recovery programs. “She never gave up on me. She wants me to have a better life than her.  As a result, she invested her life to send me to a private school then to college." Monique also mentioned that her mother was a single mother who struggled to pay for Monique’s school; regardless of the difficulties she helped her through her school.

Sheri, who is our Meditation Leader & works in manufacturing, says her mother is the person who  inspired her most in life. “My mother sees the best in me no matter what anybody else sees.  She never held my past against me no matter what I am trying to do in my present life.” 

Tell us about the people who inspire you the most. Is it your mother? A teacher? Someone you witnessed doing a good deed? Show your appreciation to them by purchasing INSPIRATION, the newest candle in the Thistle Farms handmade product line. And tell us the story of those who inspire you.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspiration: Tammy

Our latest creation -- and first ever purple candle -- is called INSPIRATION. Made with bergamot, cardamom and citrus essences, it simply smells divine and uplifts the spirit.

It has also led us to ask the question: who has been the biggest inspiration in your life?  

We start with Tammy, who works in manufacturing, crafting natural products by hand. A 2010 graduate of the Magdalene program, Tammy says she was most inspired by Ms. Donna Grayer, the Program Director.

Tammy says:
"She is a good listener, she encouraged me to stay focused and as a result, I am a first time home buyer, clean and sober." 

What about you, Thistle Farmers? Who inspires you? With Valentine's Day right around the corner, show the ones who have helped shape you into who you are today by buying them eight ounces of Inspiration from Thistle Farms.

Purchase online HERE