Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspiration: Monique & Sheri

Inspiration comes in many forms: a powerful speech, a candle burning, a mother's love. Thistle Farmers Monique & Sheri share similar ideas of inspiration:

Monique, who works in sales, named her mother as her biggest inspiration in life. According to Monique, her mother was a director of recovery programs. “She never gave up on me. She wants me to have a better life than her.  As a result, she invested her life to send me to a private school then to college." Monique also mentioned that her mother was a single mother who struggled to pay for Monique’s school; regardless of the difficulties she helped her through her school.

Sheri, who is our Meditation Leader & works in manufacturing, says her mother is the person who  inspired her most in life. “My mother sees the best in me no matter what anybody else sees.  She never held my past against me no matter what I am trying to do in my present life.” 

Tell us about the people who inspire you the most. Is it your mother? A teacher? Someone you witnessed doing a good deed? Show your appreciation to them by purchasing INSPIRATION, the newest candle in the Thistle Farms handmade product line. And tell us the story of those who inspire you.

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