Thursday, June 18, 2009

Journey To Prison

Yesterday, some of the Thistle Farms / Magdalene community spoke at the
Tennessee Prison for Women Department of Correction in Nashville. Dorinda Carter, the Communications Officer of the facility and a Magdalene Board Member, arranged a gathering to share stories and selections from "Find Your Way Home."

It was an emotional day for one resident of Magdalene who had been released in February. Even though she has two years of sobriety, when she passed through the metal doors into the razor baled enclosed lawn, she had to take a deep breath. She then said, "as long as I can get back out today, I'll be ok."

Six women from the Magdalene community shared pieces of Find Your Way Home with the women of the facility, including "Remember You Have Been In The Ditch" and "Forgive and Feel Freedom."

Singer/songwriter Marcus Hummon and Mercury Recording Artist Julie Roberts provided musical entertainment with songs like "Angel From Montgomery" (covered by Bonnie Raitt) and the Marcus-penned "Bless The Broken Road." Becca Stevens, the founding director, offered a sense of hope on a dark and stormy day.

Julie Roberts performs

Speaking directly to the heart, from the heart

Marcus Hummon shares his gifts

Reconnecting with friends

Finding your way home is always possible....

- Text and photos by Carolyn Snell


  1. What an awesome day!!!I didn't want to leave.I wanted to visit some more.As a whole it was a good experience.

  2. You have a wonderful program. I want to be apart of it. Please call me so I can volunteer any of my time.
    I have walked in those shoes. But was delivered 4years ago.

    My name is Sandra Hausman and phone number is 316-9545. Please let me know how I may help.

    Thank you
    Sandra Hausman