Friday, July 17, 2009

Grace Murphy: Artist Show


St Augustine’s Chapel announces a showing of works by Grace Murphy

From July 30 to August 23
Opening Reception, Thursday, July 30 5 – 7 pm

200 24th Avenue -- Campus of Vanderbilt University
615 322 4783

Grace Murphy is one of the most revered graduates of the Magdalene Community. She entered Magdalene surviving a life of addiction, abuse, and prostitution. A product of a family of alcoholics and molestation, Grace left home at the age of 12. Medicating the pain of her childhood, she became involved in drugs and was pregnant with her first child by 16. She had grown up seeing her mother make money from prostitution, and it was from her that Grace learned to manipulate her body in order to feed her addiction. Finally, she lost custody of her children.

Grace came to the Magdalene program in 2004 and was encouraged by Regina Mullins who said that it was God who had placed Grace in her heart. Now Grace attributes everything she knows to Magdalene. “I didn’t know how to live. I’ve been taught discipline, how to speak eloquently, and most importantly, I’ve been taught not to let people treat me just anyway. I don’t have to settle for the worst.” With deep gratitude, Grace has chosen to share her wisdom with new women coming into the community.

Grace began painting in a class for Magdalene residents and “From then on God has just been blessing me. I put more of me into each painting. If my spirit isn’t in it, it’s not complete. It’s not finished until I’m pleased.”

text by Carole Hagan and Caitlin Bradley

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