Thursday, December 17, 2009

Help Portrait Day

On December 12th, photographers united to use their time, skills, and equipment to give back to their community though the worldwide event, Help-Portrait. The goal of Help-Portrait is simple:
1. Find someone in need
2. Take their portrait
3. Print their portrait
4. Deliver their portrait.

Though seemingly ordinary to most, some people in need have never even imagined having their portrait made. "The idea is that a photographer has the unique ability to help someone smile, laugh and return their dignity," says Jeremy Cowart, celebrity photographer, Help-Portrait founder and local Nashvillian.

The women of the Magdalene program were fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the organizations that the Help-Portrait movement benefited. Susan Walker, who organized the event at our main community house, invited some of her friends and colleagues, Mary Claire Crowe, Rachel Paul and Matt Muller to share their gift of photography. Also on hand to share their gift of makeup artistry were Loretta Brank and Katie Wells.

Some behind the scene shots from the day:








And Nashville's own ABC affiliate, WKRN, was on hand to capture some of the transformations that were happening in front of the camera. Here is the piece that aired on Ch. 2 that night and can also be seen on Thistle Farms' YouTube channel.

Thanks so much to the photographers and makeup artists who shared their warmth with us on a cold December day.

(story and behind the scenes photos by Carolyn Snell)

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