Friday, May 21, 2010

Graduate Inspiration

Today was a joyous occasion as we celebrated the graduation of 11 women from the Magdalene program. As we sort through pictures, finding the best ones to sum up the feeling of the day, we want to share some words of wisdom that 2010 Magdalene Graduate Lashonda Williamson read to the community during the ceremony.

Many believe life is a journey
for which we seek answers,
formulate ideas,
have the luxury to dream of its ultimate gifts.

However, as humans, our search is like
an archaeological discovery
that has continuous unsolved questions
and only clues that may be
our key element to our purpose.

Today, I am not here to unsolve a riddle
or humor you with brilliant metaphors,
but to tell you during my search,
I discovered me!

Speaking to you today is a blessing,
in that I know if anyone could bless me
with any token of love in this audience,
it would be the gift of empathy.

Addiction consumed me
for many lonely nights and melancholy days.
I felt angry, lost and weary
at life’s despairing turntables.

When you hit the bottom of depression and fear,
prosperity is like the shining chandelier
hanging in a beautiful room.
I wanted LIFE again.
The ability to smile,
love and by loved by my precious friends and family.

When I reached Magdalene, it was like
I was a jewel
ready to be polished and shine again.
Superior thinking and helpful mentoring
allowed me to see what was important again:
Yes! I say to myself, “I matter. Shon matters.”
And I have a purpose!

I have swam the ocean of despair,
climbed that mountain of deceit
and skied that slope of a false utopia.

My utopia is this place of
and hard work.

So, today, I don’t want you to walk away
from this commencement as if it were
of ordinary nature,
because being out there alone as an addict
is far from an average person’s natural instinct.
NO! It is not natural
to go through that obstacle in one’s life.

But, what separates today
from any other graduate’s day,
is that not only do I receive
a certificate of recognition,
but I also receive me.
And that’s the ultimate gift
I’ve searched for and found!

Thank you & God bless.

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  1. Shon, your words make my heart leap within my chest. I just found out this week that my husband of 23 years cheated on me with a girl from his high school that he hadn't seen in 20 years. My heart is broken. I'm not saying that what I am going through is the same as addiction or to minimize your struggle. I just want you to know that your words give me hope and encouragement that I will also discover myself again one day, that I will make it through this pain and that I, like you, matter. God bless you! congratulations on your graduation..