Friday, August 13, 2010

PBS Show To Feature Magdalene-Thistle Farms

The highly-regarded PBS show, Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, came to Nashville recently to find out more about Magdalene-Thistle Farms. They spent the whole day with us, starting with our morning meditation. The results of this visit will be a part of their newsweekly show which airs this Sunday (in some markets it could run throughout the following week).

Click HERE to read the trasncript of the show. Visit HERE to find out when it airs in your market.


  1. It was my pleaseure to learn about Magdalene - Thistle Farms today when I tuned into my local PBS station.

    I came here to learn more about your product line and to see what's avaiable for gift giving to the women in my extended family, in an effort to support your program. I was especially moved to hear that you do not accept federal funding.

  2. We're really glad you stopped by! Please feel free to check out website and products ( as well as go to our Facebook page (if you're a FB user) for more photos and info. If you have specific questions, you can always email us at Welcome.

  3. This was a great day. I love being a part of something so special. Becca's idea has saved my life.

  4. I enjoyed the REN story. I've bought one of your products to give as a gift, but am glad that now I know your full story. I will pass it on with the next gift. Peace.