Friday, October 8, 2010

Lip Smoothie Crowned Best of Nashville

According to the October issue of the Nashville Scene, the Thistle Farms Lip Smoothie is Nashville's BEST LIP GLOSS of 2010!

From writer Sean Maloney:
It's last December and we're looking for stocking stuffers. The young lady behind the counter at our local tchotchke shop leans over and says, "This is the best lip gloss ever." So we buy it, Festivus comes, and our recipient declares, "This is the best lip gloss ever!" Then our giftee leans in for a kiss, and we're like, "Whoa! This is the best lip gloss ever!" Smooth and tasty without being too thick or waxy, and all for a great cause — helping local women in need overcome lives of violence and prostitution.

Thanks, Nashville Scene and everyone who voted! If you haven't tried out our creamy, shimmery, buttery pomegranate treat for your lips yet, you'd better get on it before the winter wind hits. You can find it online or at some of our favorite retailers in Nashville which you can locate HERE.

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