Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wartburg College

Last fall, Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa welcomed a group of Thistle Farmers into their community with open arms. Rev. Becca Stevens spoke for their convocation and Katrina, Chelle and Penny gave testimony to the students about the gift of community in their lives.

Ramona Bouzard, Dean of the Chapel at Wartburg College, had the following reflection on the event:
"Becca Stevens and the women from Magdalene House who visited the Wartburg College campus energized our entire campus community. The message of love and hope that Becca brings is a perfect fit for a college community whose mission includes a focus on faith, learning, leadership and service.

By the time the convocation at Wartburg College was over there were lines of students waiting to speak to Becca about the ways they could connect with Thistle Farms and the work of Magdalene House. A winter term service trip was immediately planned as part of our 2011 service trip program and two of Wartburg’s faculty are making plans to visit during the summer in order to connect with the work and learning opportunities.

The opportunity to connect with the fine women leaders who came with Becca Stevens helped students explore their own sense of vocation and gave them new ears to hear God’s call to live out their faith in their own lives as they contribute to communities based on the renewal and power of love.

Becca’s preaching and presence in Wartburg College’s weekday chapel was an added gift of grace in the lives of our worshipping community. Our students are hungry for the hope that the good news of the gospel brings, especially when it is incarnated in the lives and stories of women who know how hard the work of love can be."
Student Haley Flores was present for the gathering and said, "They are a valuable testament to how people truly are capable of change. Through honest and heartbreaking testimonies, these women spoke of past struggles I couldn't imagine enduring. Through Magdalene and Thistle Farms, they chose to turn their lives around and share their inspiring success with others around the country."

We are incredibly grateful to everyone's hospitality at Wartburg College and look forward to your visit this year!

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