Sunday, February 6, 2011

Christening Of The New Candle Machine

Attention all Thistle Farms Handmade Candle Lovers: we've got a new and improved way of making your favorite Tuscan Earth, Lavender Healing, Tea Tree Mint and Citrus Vanilla candles!

The christening of our new candle making equipment allows us to increase productivity and capacity. It also standardizes the candle fill volume for improved candle quality.

In on other words: without the equipment we were using multiple small pots to heat the wax, so we had to spend lots more time weighing ingredients. Now we can place everything in one big melter pot, and only have to weigh ingredients once, so this speeds up our process. The melter holds up to 150 pounds of wax, compared to being able to do 32 pounds of wax at once previously. With the machine we can get the candles filled the same every time, which is important to our quality for our customers. We can make at least double the amount of candles in one day than we could before.

Above, Amy makes the first batch of candles with our new machine, while Jim, Tracey and Jennifer show their support! To the right, Tracey makes sure each and every candle gets the exact amount of wax (and love) for each and every customer that buys it and supports Thistle Farms. Check out the video below to see the whole process in action:

photos & video by Julie Cantrell

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