Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farming For Sage

It first starts with a field and a dream.

These are truly exciting times at Thistle Farms! Today Penny, Karlee and Jenni Joy, and I met Rick Bryant at his farm in Santa Fe, TN. We brought along 40 sage plants and Rick had 1000 sage seeds. All were planted, watered and prayed over.

We hope that this sage field is going to be the biggest and most beautiful sage field in TN. Even if it is the only one. This has been a most memorable day, one of many in these past 2 years. I want to thank everyone involved and tell you how much I appreciate you letting me be a part!

- Jennifer, Thistle Farmer

The sage will eventually return to Thistle Farms, where it is put into our still and allow us to become the only local producer of healing essential oils on a commercial scale.  It will be used in our products for renewal and purifying.

(Above:  Picture of Jim, Jennifer, Ben George, and Katie Garrett working with the still.   We are experimenting with temperatures and plants to get more oil from our plants. It was a great day!  Thanks to all our volunteers, environmental science lab and environmental resource management for their support!)

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  1. How very interesting. I love the smell of sage!