Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stopping The Cycle One Small Community At A Time

We are grateful for people who reach out to us from across the country who share the work they are doing in their own communities. Police Officer Jonathan Zitzmann just contacted us with the following story:

I am Cpl. Jonathan Zitzmann with the Madisonville Police Department in Madisonville, TX. On Friday April 26th, my Department continued a high-profile investigation regarding Human Trafficking and Prostitution of many different ages, 13 - 35. An arrest was made on a 35 year old female, who is being charged with six felonies including Trafficking of Persons and Compelling Prostitution. Many girls were coerced into selling themselves for sex and paying the madam for it as well. Madisonville is a small town of approx. 4300 people. Cases like this are not typically possible in small cities like this but we made it happen. I thought you might like and appreciate what are 12 man department is doing and I wanted to let you know.

More information and press can be found at KBTX and 

Thank you,
Cpl. Jonathan Zitzmann #205
Madisonville Police Department

Madisonville Texas may be a small community, but abuse, trafficking, prostitution and addiction are present there as they are in most communities. We greatly appreciate the work the Madisonville Police Department did to help fight the abuse of these young women, and the compassion Officer Zitzmann and others showed them. To end the cycle of sexual abuse, addiction and trafficking, we need communities to partner all their resources to help women heal. We can all make a difference, one small community at a time.

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  1. Kudos to Officer Zitzmann and his team for their work!! God bless you!