Monday, July 8, 2013

A New Life and A New Look

Earlier this year, ten beautiful and fiercely courageous women celebrated The 2013 Magdalene Graduation Ceremony, one of the most highly anticipated events of their lives.  Once again congratulations to the 2013 Magdalene Graduates and their families.  We as a community wish you continued healing as you move gracefully onto a new life.

Latisha Burns
Nickki Bryant
Angela Claybrooks
Shana Goodwin
Lydia Macklin
Angel Murphy
Cynthia Person
Leticia Smith
Andrea Stewart
Ronza Williams

We are also proud of another graduation in the house. The Thistle Farms Brand is graduating to a brand new look with a product label that is as energetic, powerful and resilient as the women that create them. As the Thistle Farm mission, products and global reach continues to grow, operations have also grown. Thanks and gratitude go out to expert branding specialists responsible for the brand new look and logo design, Delevante Creative. The new labels beautifully represent the next phase of Thistle Farms Operations. 

The very first product created was a candle, made in the kitchen of a small chapel in 2001.  Managing Director, Holli Anglin, commented on the early days, “The small group of women hovered around a tiny kitchen stove that did not require a high level of skill or equipment.  It was a beautiful start to Becca's vision and dream of a community to come together and heal.”  

Katrina Robertson, Thistle Farms National Sales Director, remembers the early days of her sales career, “I started working with the sales team in 2005 with a small team selling our products to retail stores. They trained me very well to sell eye pillows and cute little gift purses. The only problem was that we experienced was the increase in sales and we had to train more women to work on the sales team. That was a good problem to have!"

What began in a small church kitchen is now housed in an 11,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

Rest assured, that the most important Thistle Farms operations have NOT changed:

    All Thistle Farms products are still made lovingly by hand.

    All products are manufactured to save women’s lives.

    Magdalene will remain a safe place to recover from abuse and life on the streets.

    Purchasing products help women maintain financial independence.

Check out the new labels and shop online, click here!

Story by Heather Venesile

Photos by Peggy Napier (all new labels and and group photo of the women), Kristina Krug and Carolyn Snell.

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