Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Non-Traditional Honeymoon

Usually, when we think about engagements, weddings and honeymoons, phrases come to mind like “it’s her day” or “we’re celebrating their love.” Jana and Robbie decided to take a different approach. In their own words, “We felt led to use our wedding as a collaborative opportunity to serve others.” According to this theme, they’ve chosen not only to register with Target for care items for the women, but they’ve also decided to celebrate their union with a service honeymoon here at Thistle Farms. Robbie, an engineer specializing in construction management, will spend the week here building and fixing our facilities while Jana shares her healing power through spiritual recovery workshops. (They also hope to find time to hike in the State Parks of Tennessee too!)

At Thistle Farms, we celebrate love in all forms. We are so grateful that Jana and Robbie wish to share their love with us on their special day. If you want to donate directly to Jana and Robbie’s project, they are collecting Home Depot gift cards. These can be dropped off at Thistle Farms in care of PR/Marketing Department (make sure you tell them it's for Jana and Robbie's Service Honeymoon!).

If this alternative to the traditional wedding experience sounds appealing to you and your partner, please consider a Thistle Farms Wedding. For more information, check out our wedding options on our website.

Story by Ashlyn King
Thistle Farms Intern

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