Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Showing Up and Showing Out

I was honored when I was asked to join Becca and Tim on an out-of-town trip to Texas. I later found out that one of my mentors was going along also. From the time I realized that I was really going with these amazing people, I knew that God was showing up and showing out. The whole opportunity was a blessing. I also pride myself on having the awareness that I wasn’t operating on my self-will, and knew this was an opportunity only God could arrange.

I took forever to prepare for the trip. Making sure nothing was left behind… I even posted a picture on Facebook because I was so proud! The trip to San Antonio was great. It was a peaceful time with no phone interruptions; a time for me to really connect with God and get balanced.

When we were leaving the car rental place, Siri on Becca’s phone was calling the Alamo the AH-LAH-MO. We were cracking up when Becca dared Tim to ask the car rental attendant where the AH-LAH-MO was with a straight face. He did, and the belly laugh I engaged in was spirit-lifting. It struck untapped inhibitions of happiness that I haven’t experienced in 19 years. Needless to say, he had never heard of the AH-LAH-MO, but when Gwen corrected the pronunciation, he managed to give us directions to the Alamo.

We ate on the San Antonio River Walk at a wonderful Mexican restaurant where a mariachi band played for us and we all were able to continue to laugh and enjoy ourselves — something that we continued to do the whole trip.

Once we arrived in San Marcos, I was able to shop for an hour BY MYSELF. Wow! No one was telling me that I’m taking too long or rushing me. Man, when it hit me, I was really relaxing. No calls, no worries, just enjoying the “now” and focusing on the reason I was there: I’m alive. Magdalene and Thistle Farms saved my life.  So much gratitude overwhelmed me when I was able to share some of that gratitude with others.

We ate at Pastor Ben’s house. The Bishops and their wives joined us. It was a wonderful, intimate dinner with strangers who I felt like I’d known forever. We all laughed, told stories and I bonded with their six year-old little girl. I helped her take her medicine she loathed to take. I felt like she was my own child; the bond was so intense.

My heart and soul were filled each stop of the trip with pure joy and real happiness.  I felt complete. All outside distractions were far, far away. The here and now were all I had to focus on. I was surrounded by people who have the purest of hearts and warmest of souls. I felt a peace I didn’t know existed.

At the booth, I was able to sell products with Gwen and really spread the word and mission of Magdalene and Thistle Farms. I am so passionate about the program and Thistle Farms and I feel so strongly about the power of love and how it heals. I’ve been to 13 treatment centers and hospitals. Magdalene and Thistle Farms support me no matter what. I’m deeply enriched by the quality of the program. This program is different than any other.

When Becca shared my Facebook post in front of hundreds of people, I was shocked at first, but then I was blown away by the honor of being a part of her speech. Becca heard my gratitude and wanted to share it. I can say that this was one of the biggest moments (the whole trip was!) since I’ve been at Magdalene. We ended up selling all of our products and it was the perfect ending to our trip.

Words cannot describe the emotions of gratitude that filled my spirit. I know God has a plan for me and today I’m willing and excited to see what it is. Thank you Magdalene and Thistle Farms for allowing me to be a part of a life changing movement.

By Kristin B.
Magdalene Resident and Thistle Farmer


  1. This is such a powerful and emotional story. The love that Magdalene engenders and the strength that the women at Magdalene are able to tap into within themselves is awe-inspiring. I loved that Kristen was able to take time for herself and do what she wanted to do and become grounded. What a powerful message to those of us who take that time and freedom for granted. Keep up the wonderful work. I'm grateful that I can place an order every once in awhile to support all of you. Cynthia Lehman

  2. Thanks for writing this! You are inspiring.