Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finding Home

The women of Thistle Farm & Magdalene (Magdalene is the name of the residential part of our organization where the women live in community for two years) recently wrote their first book, "Find Your Way Home." It gives 24 principles for healing that was a collaborative process. One of those principles is the title of the book. Becca Stevens, our founder and Executive Director, says that when you say the word 'home' to people in jail or on the streets, it often makes even those who are hardened, cry. Home is a powerful concept for most of us. It represents, in the best case, all that we want for ourselves and for each other. A place to be spiritually and physically safe, and most of all to feel love. With that in mind, we want to share a poem with you written by our residents last year.

Finding Home
by the women of Magdalene

Home is a woman I know well.
Her presence comforts me.
Her windows, like eyes, allow me to look out without fear.
I am safe with her.
Her clothes carry the scent of homemade soap
and fruit from the orchard.
A soft, delicate, melodic voice.
I am here. I am here.
Just call my name. I am here.
She reaches out to help all.
Takes thistles and turns them into flowers.
Browns. Reds. Greens.
Different shades of orange.
She has special treasures just for me.
I love her for being here just for me.
The smell of cornbread she cooked.
The smell of flowers welcoming you.
Wearing comfort like a tiger wears stripes.
She was conceived in love and peace.
She will live long and teach many.

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