Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why the Thistle?

It doesn't take too long to be around this community to discover that we love thistles! Our founder, Becca, likes to say that it is one flower that the whole world over, you can go into someone's yard, and cut it down, and they will thank you. For us they remain a powerful symbol, and a reminder of the work we want to do in this world.

Considered a weed, thistles grow on the streets and alleys where the women of Thistle Farms & Magdalene walked. But, thistles have a deep tap root that can shoot through thick concrete and survive drought. And in spite of their prickly appearance, their royal and soft purple center makes the thistle a mysterious and gorgeous flower. Being a Thistle Farmer, means the world is our farm. Harvesting thistles is a way of walking in the world and choosing to love the parts of creation that others have forgotten or condemned.

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