Sunday, July 25, 2010

Find Your Way Home Prison Tour: Houston, TX

St. John's Downtown United Methodist Church and Pastor Rudy Rasmus were our hosts for our recent visit to Houston as part of the Find Your Way Home Prison Tour. We got to be a part of worship that was truly inspired and will impact the way I lead my own congregation. We sold $3,000 worth of Thistle Farms products and made new friends.

The journey to the prison in Humble, Texas was surreal. I am still trying to let the knowledge that there is no airconditioning in a prison in Texas sink in. Then the image of police officers on horse back with inmates farming makes me think it may be an image from a movie and that it wasn't real.

But then I remember sitting in a room as women told their stories and the musicians sang and I remember it all----and that it was really just yesterday that I got to go to that revival. I was grateful to be there and be a part of it. I love that even though it is a hard journey that takes a lot out of everyone to get there and make it all happen, everyone keeps coming together to make it work.

I am imagining that there are some women sitting around today on their bunk beds as close to the fans as they can get with their white pants rolled up, and they are reading from the books we left. That thought makes me cry.

Love and peace,

We are grateful to Abingdon Press Editor, Jessica Kelley, for her photos and personal experience story on her blog.

For more pictures from our trip, visit our Flickr page. For more information on the tour, visit the Abingdon Press page.

Story by Becca Stevens
Photos by Jessica Kelley

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