Friday, July 23, 2010

First Production Day

Today we made or first production in our new facility! The candle team, spearheaded by Tasha, made the very first candles, gosh, the very first anything in our new digs. It was amazing to actually have the space to spread out and lay out everything we needed. Then the team split into work stations to measure, pour, melt and mix. Gosh, did I say we had stations, plural, like more than one table to work on now? Yes, it was so hard for us to realize it - it really happened - we have a huge new facility to call our home! Thanks to everyone on the Thistle Farms production team.

Great job from everyone today!

Sonya sets the cotton wicks in the candle jars

Tasha weighs out the organic lavender oil for the candles

Putting the wax in to melt

The beautiful Tasha and the finished product!

story & photos by Julie, part of the Thistle Farms Production Team


  1. How about producing some votive candles for market? I would very much like to purchase a box or two of votive candles from your wonderful organization! Keep up the spirit, ladies!

  2. Thanks Geri - we love getting suggestions. We have a few new products in the pipeline, but love this and will pass the recommendation on to our production team!