Saturday, November 13, 2010

Share Your Birthday With Thistle Farms

When Susan from Nashville was planning her birthday celebration, she remembered hearing about Thistle Farms though her job at HCA.

Susan tells us: "I decided after 44 years of birthdays and trying to come up with something different to do, I thought it would be fun to have a home party for my birthday. People are going to buy gifts or pay for your dinner so why not let them spend their money on a worthy cause? I realize birthdays are suppose to be all about 'me' and I couldn't think of a better way to feel that way than to know I was part of something so special. Through my party, I gave my friends and coworkers a the reason to come and witness the women and see the products."

To book the party, Susan got in contact with our Events Coordinator, Carole "It was extremely easy," Susan said. "I emailed Carole who made me feel so good about doing this from the start and all I had to do was give her a few logistics and off we went. The whole thing was taken care of with just a few emails. Let’s face it -- I am not as much of the technology generation but even I have to admit it is nice not to have to deal with set up through a 1,000 phone calls."

Susan thought her guests all seemed to enjoy the party. One of them was quoted saying: “It was an inspiring and fun event – those ladies are so very strong and have conquered such obstacles in their lives. I only hope if I were ever faced with an obstacle that difficult I would respond with that type of courage and perseverance. Thank you for doing this!!! I loved it.”

Happy birthday Susan! We loved spending your special day with you.

If you are interested in planning a birthday party with Thistle Farms, email Carole at for more information.

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