Monday, November 29, 2010

Thistle Visitors

One of the goals at Thistle Farms is to spread the vision of Magdalene to other communities and states. In this way, we become a voice in the dialogue that promotes women's freedom, while at the same time encouraging other places to start their own communities. Many friends have stopped by this fall for a tour and visit to our new Thistle Farms Building. We have had visitors from Dayton, Dallas, Atlanta, Charleston, Raleigh, Florida, Scotland, Hendersonville, and Pennsylvania. One friend was an old classmate of mine and she is taking the message that love heals back to her home church. She claims now to be a Thistle Farmer and spent part of her weekend after her visit collecting thistles. Thank you, Kate.

With gratitude,
Becca Stevens

Pictured: Rev. Kate Kelderman from Gettysburg, PA and Rev. Becca Stevens from Nashville, TN.

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