Sunday, April 24, 2011

NPR To Feature Thistle Farms This Week

This week, tune into National Public Radio (NPR) to hear Thistle Farms featured on four of their top-rated shows: Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Talk Of The Nation and Tell Me More.

“Nashville: Up from Prostitution”
will debut on the afternoon drive-time news show, All Things Considered, on Monday, April 25. Two second pieces are slated to air on Morning Edition on the 26th and 27th. Additional coverage will be on Tell Me More on the 25th and Talk Of The Nation on the 28th.

The series was created and produced by veteran NPR correspondent, Jacki Lyden, known for award winning reporting during the Gulf War and in post-Taliban Afghanistan, and National Geographic’s photojournalist Stephen Alvarez. In tandem with the story, Alvarez created a ten-minute video clip on Magdalene/Thistle Farms, which will be featured on beginning Monday the 25th.

Five to seven million listeners hear NPR’s two top-rated shows daily, with estimates for Morning Edition reaching up to thirteen million. We are grateful for the opportunity to share our story of hope with so many people!

Below is the local schedule on Nashville's affiliate, WPLN - 90.3 FM:

Monday, 4/25: All Things Considered: 3-6pm
Tuesday, 4/26: Morning Edition: 4-9am
Wednesday, 4/27: Morning Edition: 4-9am
Thursday, 4/28: Talk of the Nation: 1-3pm

Tell Me More can be heard online HERE.
To check schedule times on other cities / stations, click HERE.

Please listen and SPREAD THE WORD! Repost, facebook, tweet, tell somebody... just get the word out that we will be featured on the leading provider of non-commercial news, information, and entertainment programming to the U.S. public.

Photo of NPR correspondent Jacki Lyden and Nina, Thistle Farms employee by Carolyn Snell


  1. Congratulations! We had Jacki Lyden give us an inside look at how she and Stephen Alvarez got started on the story. We included the schedule and we can't wait to tune in.

  2. Just heard the story about Thistle Farms and Magdalene...This is a great place for healing and journey, I was so touched by the stories that I'm in tears. Many Blessings to you :)

  3. I listened to two of the stories and was SO touched by the bravery, honesty, strength, and grace of all of the Women of Thistle Farms and Magdalene that I arrived to work both days with tear stained cheeks! You all can depend on me as a sustaining contributor to Magdalene and a lifetime customer of Thistle Farms. Much gratitude for sharing with the rest of the world – you inspire me.