Sunday, April 17, 2011

Preparations For A Celebration

Did you know that in 2001,
Thistle Farms began in a church kitchen
with four women making two products?

In the past 10 years,
we have grown to a company
housed in an 11,000 square foot manufacturing facility
that employs 32 women and has a line of over 20 products.
Plus, we have trained and employed over 100 women
and our products are available in 140 stores across the country.


In June, we will be celebrating 10 Years of Thistle Farms.
Be on the lookout for fun ways to connect
on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter feed,
the introduction of a new product
(that you will not want to be without this summer!)
and 10 videos of members from our community.

We're starting the preparations now...
keep coming back for more sneak peeks of
a celebration of 10 Years of Thistle Farms!

Becky Fluke films Rita, a Magdalene resident and Thistle Farms' Receptionist, at Westwood Studios.

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