Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thistle Farms In Atlanta

Thistle Farms products are found in over 200 stores across the US, Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom.  We are inviting our friends in the Atlanta market to get more involved and find their personal connection with the women and products of Thistle Farms.

Credit:  Atlanta Neighborhoods
Why Atlanta?
The bath and body products of Thistle Farms are handmade by the women of Magdalene, a two-year residential community located in Nashville, but serving women from all over the Southeast.  The women who have survived lives of trafficking, violence, and addiction were victims, long before they ever saw the inside of prison walls -- victims of abuse and a culture that can turn a blind eye to social injustice. The universal issues of violence are borne on the individual backs of women, and it will take entire communities from around the country to change a culture that still buys and sells women.  

The prevalence of trafficking and prostitution of women in Atlanta is one of the highest in the nation. We are deeply grateful that Atlanta has welcomed the women of Magdalene and Thistle Farms into its churches and into the Whole Foods Market. Now it is our turn to express our gratitude by deepening that connection.  We hope that by our increased presence in Atlanta we can share the beautiful truth that love is more powerful than all the forces that drive women to the streets. 

We are compelled to fulfill our mission by the urgency of one hundred women on our waiting list. Selling Thistle Farms products and sharing our story with a wider community in Atlanta will not only allow more women to enter the sanctuary of Magdalene, but hopefully inspire more communities to create their own residential space for healing. We are asking to become partners with the common pursuit of women’s freedom as we launch an effort to strengthen our presence in Atlanta. By deepening our friendship and with the purchase of every Thistle Farms product, we believe that united we can have a greater impact on change that will bring hope and healing to women in Nashville, Atlanta and beyond.

How can you help?

1. “Like” Thistle Farms Atlanta Supporters on your Facebook page. Stay updated with Atlanta-specific events and deals and connect to other Atlanta supporters. Learn about the issues of human trafficking and prostitution in the Atlanta area, and be connected to organizations helping those affected. Visit us HERE.

2.  Purchase Thistle Farms products at Whole Foods.  Seven Whole Foods stores in the Atlanta area are selling our products now. In order to support the program’s presence in Atlanta, we need you to buy our products and spread the story of Magdalene and Thistle Farms. See the “Contact” tab on Facebook for a map of locations.

3. Invite our founder, Becca Stevens, to come speak at an event to your organization or congregation. Learn about the story behind the Magdalene program and hear Becca’s motivation for spreading the ministry of Magdalene and Thistle Farms.  Contact for more information.

4. Host a Thistle Farms party. Invite your friends over to hear the story of Thistle Farms and have the opportunity to test and buy the products.  Contact to discuss details.

5. Make a donation to Thistle Farms. Your donations and support are what keep the doors open. Click on our "Donate" page on our website.

6. Start an organization like Magdalene in Atlanta. Channel your entrepreneurial skills and passion for social justice to create a haven for women on the streets in Atlanta. Contact to learn about our education programs.

See you in Atlanta!

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