Thursday, May 17, 2012

United We Learn

Mothers everywhere share a low-level form of panic this time of year:

The end of the school year!
An overwhelming whirlwind of end-of-school parties!
Field Days!
Athletic banquets!
Awards ceremonies!
Children anxious about exams!

It also brings the need to find unique and meaningful teacher and graduation gifts.  

Who has time for that?
Is summer here yet?

Consider this easy solution:


The United We Learn gift set.  Supporting Thistle Farms and ABAN, two social enterprises providing education and job skills to women changing their lives.

Celebrate the gift of education with the women of Thistle Farms and ABAN, and support two social enterprises providing education and job skills to women escaping lives of violence, trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

The bag is made by the women of ABAN in Ghana, from recycled plastic waste from the streets where these young mothers used to live.  It’s perfect as a pencil pouch, toiletry bag or wallet. Tucked inside is a notepad made of hand crafted thistle paper, a mini-pen with the reminder that LOVE HEALS, and a Thistle Farms’ lip balm. Meaningful, functional, and affordable at only $12.00.

These two smart mothers are checking teacher’s gifts off their lists.    

With gratitude to the teachers and mentors on the journey, and in honor of all students at the crossroads.

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