Monday, September 17, 2012

Five Questions With... Jenni

She tutors the women,
she wipes down candles
and she wears the blue hair net while in the production area.

She's Jenni Joy, 
our featured volunteer of the week!

Here's another Five Questions With... interview.

1.  How often do you volunteer at Thistle Farms?
Weekly, on Wednesdays.  
I also volunteer at Magdalene on Thursdays. 

2.  How did you find out about us?
Good word of mouth.

3.  What have you done as a volunteer at Thistle Farms?
I have worked in the manufacturing area some 
and have also worked in the papermaking department.  
I also tutor some of the women.

4.  Please share a favorite moment in your volunteer experience with us.
The moment I knew the women realized I would be back.  

5.  Use one word to describe your experience so far.
(Leave it to the tutor to tutor to employ the hyphen!)

Jenni - you bring US joy!

If you want to get involved with Thistle Farms, 

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