Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Making The Switch

During her time at MTSU, Stacia Jenkins chose Thistle Farms as a local non-profit to study and deliver an oral presentation about at the end of the semester. Stacia had hand picked Thistle Farms out of the countless charities in Nashville, not because she was a follower on Facebook or because of the good works she had heard they do, but because of her discovery of their products... in her employer’s bathroom.

“I was working at an international health company during the summer of 2011 and after using the restroom, I noticed the hand soap at the sink.” Stacia explains. “Once I washed my hands, I read the card behind the bottle, which described the organization behind the soap. I was amazed about what Thistle Farms was doing and was impressed that a local company were hand-making products to heal the mind, body and spirit.”

Stacia went on to select Thistle Farms for her class project, but the simple idea of discovering our mission in an employers’ bathroom has all of us dreaming about a much bigger picture. 

What an easy and effective way to show your support of Thistle Farms -- by making the switch to using our all natural, handmade soap in your company's bathroom. 

Since you already use hand soap for your company and/or business, why not share the message that "love heals" with your employees and customers with Thistle Farms' hand soap. Not only will you be supporting a community of women who have survived lives of addiction, prostitution and trafficking, but you are also using a top notch product that leave your hands smelling fresh and clean. 

There are also other bathroom-friendly products, like hand lotion and room spray, that are a perfect addiction for any small or large business... and bathroom!

You can purchase our hand soap at our online store or for more information for large orders, contact beth@thistlefarms.org. And join other local social-conscious businesses by making the switch.

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