Thursday, March 28, 2013

Laughing In The Wind

This post is part four of a five part blog series on Snake Oil: The Art of Healing and Truth Telling by Becca Stevens. For previous parts of this series, click HERE, HERE and HERE.

The wind is a powerful force of nature, currents of air that can threaten to sweep us away if harsh enough; and uncomfortable to endure for long, even at its weakest. In chapter 10 of Snake Oil, Becca looks at what it means to laugh in the face of the wind. An acceptance that for you, though your laughter may be carried away by the wind unheard, is still significant. That your life is still significant. The ability to laugh in the face of uncertainty, grief, stress, and fear is one of the most significant steps towards healing and renewal in ones life along the journey of life. We cannot face the hard things in life without the ability to laugh.

“All of us need to be continually transformed and freed from ourselves, from all of our fears and all of the things we worry about that prevent us from fully loving the world. We get to walk around as optimistic and hopeful as we want to be.”

The scent “Inspiration” is all about lifting the spirit and inviting new dreams into our lives. Made with bergamot, cardamom and sweet orange in coconut oil, it is made to uplift you in the small moments of your day and inspire the peace and joy that can be found as much in its essence as in laughter.

“In the world of snake oils, you have to see the world a little differently. Where others see poverty, you see riches; where others see weeds, you see flowers; where others see sickness, you see openness.”

We invite you to experience “Inspiration” and the healing power of laughter with us this week, either in our “Inspiration” healing oil or soy candle.

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Story by Abby Hardaway
Photos by Peggy Napier & Carolyn Snell

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