Friday, March 15, 2013

Through the Hard, Dry Ground

This post is part two of a five part series on Becca Stevens' new book, Snake Oil: The Art of Healing and Truth-Telling. To read the first entry, please click HERE.

In Chapter 4 of Snake Oil, Becca speaks of learning about suffering through her own life and also through the experience of others.

“In seminary, I began wrestling more in depth with how faith takes into account the pain we inflict upon each other. I began discovering more about the long tradition of healers, saints, and prophets who understood that the suffering of others was an integral part of our relationship with God.”

Becca shares experiences in Ecuador, Rwanda and Nashville that led her to the understanding that the suffering of others in a world that craves healing leaves a wide-open opportunity for kindness between people. Our “Mitzvah” healing oil invites us to experience and encourage us to acts of kindness, with essence of lavender, ginger root, mandarin, and vanilla in sweet almond oil. While we weep for the pain of others, it reminds us to move past the suffering to a place of joy and forgiveness.

Suffering, in its many forms and many seasons, can become one of the deepest places that we can experience healing if it is flooded with grace. “Mitzvah” encourages us to take this path slowly, deliberately, and in a community of love and peace.

To order "Mitzvah" or our entire line of healing oils, go to our online store HERE. For more information on the book, Snake Oil, visit the Jericho Books website or purchase online at:
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Story by Abby Hardaway
Photos by Peggy Napier & Carolyn Snell

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  1. I used this oil this morning, with thoughts of God opening my eyes so that I could see more clearly those I needed to be helping.