Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thistle Stop Cafe Spotlight: Rob

What would a great Café be without great coffee? The Thistle Stop Café is proud to serve Just Love Coffee and today, we spotlight: Rob Webb, founder of Just Love Coffee Roasters.

What is special about Just Love Coffee Roasters?
We are focused on roasting Fair Trade Organic coffees that support non-profits, adoptive families, and clean water in Ethiopia. Fundamentally, we are an organization rooted in love for everyone, especially those in need and those who are poor in love.

How did you hear about/get involved with Thistle Farms / Thistle Stop Café?
My wife, Emily, was making coffee sample drops and decided to stop by Thistle Farms. When she did, Courtney had coincidentally just been by our coffee shop and was holding a Just Love cup in her hand. We invited Thistle Farms to our roasting facility, got to know each other better, and began cupping coffees.

What is your role in the Café? Which element of the Café do you have the strongest personal connection with / are you most proud of?
We are the coffee roaster for the Café. We spent time with Thistle Farms cupping coffees to choose for the shop and blending coffees to create the Thistle Stop Café Blend. We also provide ongoing training for the baristas at Thistle Stop Café and consult with Thistle Stop Café for everything from equipment and brewing methods to the menu and coffee bar logistics. It was amazing to see our head barista train the ladies. She never dreamed that being in the coffee business would give her the opportunity to touch the lives of the ladies at Thistle Farms and be touched by their stories as well. It’s an incredible experience to be a small part of these life transformations.

One of the baristas at Just Love, showing the Thistle Stop Cafe staff how coffee beans are roasted.

What about the project / women inspires you?
My description cannot do justice to the miraculous transformations that occur in the ladies at Thistle Farms. It is an exhibition of love in its purest form. It's a love that I strive for and fail at every day. I will continue to strive for the kind of love that the ladies, Becca and her team at Thistle Farms give everyday. It is humbling to witness it and I am envious of it. It makes me realize that I can do so much more than I am doing. It makes me realize how comfortable I've made my life and how a little discomfort is good for the soul. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and displaying God's love should be as common as your 3 meals a day. It is at Thistle Farms and Thistle Stop Café.

What brings people to the Café and keeps them coming back?
Love and Great Coffee.

Just Love Coffee is sold at the Thistle Stop Cafe, including the Thistle Stop Cafe Blend.

Stop by the This Thistle Stop Café at 5128 Charlotte Pike in Nashville,
find us online via our website / facebook / twitter,
or contact Courtney, the Café Coordinator at

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