Monday, September 2, 2013

Switching It Up On Music Row

Music Row is known for it's famous studios, producers, songwriters, and now, Thistle Farms' products. If you visit Starstruck Entertainment on Music Square West, you will notice that its bathrooms are stocked with Thistle Farms hand soap, hand lotion and room spray

Shana and Ronza, two of Thistle Farms' sales reps, came by to deliver the product directly and made sure that each bathroom was stocked with either the Tuscan Earth or Lavender scents. Once a new order is ready to be placed, with one simple phone call, they will bring over another scent to try out.

Switching up your regular bathroom products (which you have to purchase anyway!) to Thistle Farms products makes it THAT easy to support a local social enterprise. Plus, the five scent options offers you a chance to add some "work aroma therapy" to your office.

Email today and tell her that your company wants to Make The Switch!


  1. This is marvelous news. I shared it with my friend, Michael Burcham, who is CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center!

  2. Thank you so much, Kathy! We'd love to talk to Michael about the possibilities for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and other Nashville businesses. We are grateful to you for helping spread the message that LOVE HEALS!