Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From living on the streets to a day at the spa.

"hello gorgeous"
- Fanny Brice, "Funny Girl" 1968

On Tuesday, Elysium Spa set up a special day for Magdalene/Thistle Farms. The spa closed its doors to other customers and the gracious owners invited our women to spend a day of indulgence at its Brentwood location. All of the women received special services, including massages and facials, and were also offered additional beauty-based benefits like pedicures, brow waxes and make up applications.

This was a simple yet profound way for a local business to donate to Magdalene and Thistle Farms. Most of our women had never been into a spa before and more than the typical advantages to spending a day of luxury at a spa, they were offered an opportunity to feel beautiful.

We are grateful to the women-owned-and-run business of Elysium for this amazing opportunity. And now... some photos of our radiant residents!

the spa was ours the whole day!

Services included massages,


hair trims & styles,

and makeup applications.

What a treat to have the tension released,

the feet soaked,

the nails polished,

the hair brushed,

and the hand held.

Though there were many choices,

our women walked away glowing,


glamorous & pampered,

and smelling of Thistle Farms healing oils.

All images courtesy of Carolyn Snell.


  1. This is GREAT! As both a spa employee and a recovering woman, I can appreciate both ends of that experience. I hope that this is an annual experience for your wonderful women :)

  2. I was so moved to read about this piece as I have a huge heart for the homeless community in general. Things like this should happen for often and I am so glad these women got to feel worth in many ways! I can't wait to hear more about their journey.

  3. They all look so beautiful! What a blessing...

  4. Beautiful! Nothing like some pampering and self care to help the empowering healing process!