Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Growth

In honor of Earth Day, the women of Thistle Farms planted a tree outside of its Belle Meade location. A hole was dug deep into the ground and a pink dogwood was securely tucked into the earth.

Caitlin, a Thistle Farms' volunteer, talked about some of the benefits to planting a tree. "Trees produce oxygen and help clean the air," she explained. "Plus, they just make our environment more beautiful!"

Each woman took their hand and scooped up a mound of organic soil. As they dropped in their piece of earth and covered the tree's roots with care, Marlei, the Director of Development, prayed over the new life. "We need to love and nurture this tree like God loves and nurtures the earth and us."

There is a legend in Christianity that believes that the dogwood tree was used as the wood
that made Jesus' cross for his crucifixion. As we await the pink blossoms, it seems like a fitting reminder of the sacrifices we and others make as we continue on our journey.

Text and photos courtesy of Carolyn Snell.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing what you did on Earth Day. I'm sure the tree will really grow into something beautiful and magnificent.