Friday, March 26, 2010

First Flights and Time in New Orleans

Founder Becca, Sales Director Katrina and Production Manager Tracey have just returned from a visit to New Orleans. While there, Becca and the women spoke at St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian and Trinity Episcopal. For Tracey (pictured on right), though, the trip was extra special as this was her first time flying. We asked her for her thoughts after arriving in New Orleans. "I was scared but it was an amazing experience," Tracey responded. She then followed with, "but now I've just got to make it back!"

Photo Credit: Becca Stevens


  1. My heart's desire is to visit New Orleans.

  2. I was at St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian and heard Trina's and Tracey's stories. They were brave to share their inspiring stories with us. What a treat it was to meet both of them and Becca.