Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday's Meditation: Relapse

From Just For Today: "If we're contemplating a relapse, we should think our using through to the bitter ends. There is no doubt that we have periods of darkness in our recovery. No matter how badly we may feel in our recovery, a relapse is never the answer. Together, we find recovery."

Heard in the circle: "After looking back from where I've been, my worst day clean is still my brightest."

Come join Thistle Farms each Wednesday morning for meditation and stay to volunteer if you can. We are located at 104 Belle Meade Blvd. (behind St. George's Church) and meditation starts at 9:00am sharp. Please email Stacye at to confirm your attendance. You can also receive information regarding other volunteer opportunities by emailing Stacye with your request to be added to our volunteer e-newsletter list and by visiting the "Thistle Farms & Magdalene Volunteers" Facebook page.

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