Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Soothe Sunburns With Lemon-Sage

One of my favorite things about summertime is the fresh produce I can purchase locally. The crisp tastes and smells of summertime fruits and vegetables are one of my favorite parts of the season. Then I discovered Thistle Farms’ Lemon-Sage line – a brand new scent that perfectly mixes the freshness of summer with the soothing, healing, loving aromas of Thistle Farms. The candle is a perfect, residue-free way to brighten up my home and bedroom! Lemon-Sage has replaced my former favorite scent, Tuscan Earth. It smells like summer while keeping my skin healthy and replenished.

In addition to summertime fruits and veggies, I love lying in the sun. Unfortunately my skin is sunburn-prone even after applying sunscreen. I’ve been using Thistle Farms Body Butter to heal my sunburns for years, but now I can smell like summer while healing my skin! The body products use the essential oils of lemon and sage to completely heal my sunburned skin. Lemon cleanses old toxins and restores my burnt skin while sage provides a calming sensation to my body and mind.

Another sun-loving Thistle Farmer agrees. Shana, one of our sales representatives, said, “I love the meaning behind the lemon-sage. The lemon is a cleanser and the sage is a detoxifier, and together they represent a pure, clean love.” She applies the Lemon-Sage Body Balm on her skin to help her get a better tan (in addition to sunscreen, of course). And afterwards, Shana uses the Lemon-Sage Body Butter to keep her skin refreshed and soothe any accidental sunburns.

Expanding the product line offers me one more way to support our Thistle Farms women. By simply purchasing one of our products, you are helping empower women, like Shana, who have survived lives of violence, addiction, and prostitution. Lemon-Sage is now available on our online store and with our fabulous retailers.

By Anna, Thistle Farms intern

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