Monday, July 2, 2012

The Woman Who Made It: Monique

In the following weeks,you'll be seeing some blog posts written by Autumn, one of our summer interns. She is conducting a series of interviews of some of the wonderful women of Magdalene. Each Thistle Farms' woman has a unique story and makes a unique product. In the series you'll get to see a snapshot of daily work at Thistle Farms and learn the stories of the women behind our products. All of the products that you purchase directly benefit the women who made them, in tangible ways such aspaying their salary, giving them a home, and paying for their education andcomputer classes. The more products sold, the more women off the streets and out of jail, and in the long run, the more we can expand our mission and vision of healing love.


            I hear laughter in the manufacturing room as I peek my head in. My friend Monique bobs her head to the R&B music that comes from a small boombox, working away. “Hey, Monique? Can I ask you a few questions? It’ll only take a few minutes,” I add, knowing she probably has a lot to do today. “Of course, baby,” she says as she wipes her hands on her apron. Her face reminds you of an old friend you had in the past, always comforting.

            We walk into the room where we have our meditation circles. She points out along the ceiling something I didn’t notice before- a sentence written in purple. “’Love is the most powerful force for change in the world’. I truly believe that- love conquers all!” she says with a smile. She explains to me that she makes the lip balms and lip smoothies, and I have a whole new appreciation for those wonderful products know that I know Monique was the one who made them. “When people don’t know about Magdalene Thistle Farms, I tell them my story and how it saved my life!” she says, recalling her graduation from the Magdalene program.

            “So what are your favorite products from Thistle Farms?” I ask, curious. I know I love all the products, but I wonder what it’s like for the woman who made it. “Oh, I love the lip balms and smoothies because I make them. And I love the candles because they smell great,” she says with a serious look. “But it’s a lot more than just great products, right?” I probe. She nods and explains to me, “Thistle Farms has great products and also saves people’s lives daily. When you buy a product, you help another woman off the streets or get out of jail.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

By Autumn, Thistle Farms Intern

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