Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Five Questions With... Anna

Meet another one of our very giving volunteers in
Five Questions With...

She's one of the most creative people at Thistle Farms
and has taken the paper products to a whole new level.

Anna Saterstrom

1.  How often do you volunteer at Thistle Farms?
M, W, F

2. How did you find out about us?
I saw your products at Whole Foods and was moved by the story about this artful, healing community. 

3. What have you done as a volunteer at Thistle Farms?
I have helped with product and studio design.  I love working in a studio space where women are working with their hands to create beautiful things.

4. Please share a favorite moment in your volunteer experience with us.

5. Use one word to describe your experience so far.

We love you, Anna!

If you want to get involved with Thistle Farms, 

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  1. Anna is such a gift to the whole community!