Monday, July 16, 2012

The Woman Who Made It: Tish

This week, summer intern, Autumn, shines the spotlight on Tish, one of our newest Thistle Farmers.


Tish and I always have good conversations. She has this way of making you feel automatically comfortable around her, like you are old buddies. Thistle Farms is a little slow today, and is quiet as I approach her in the manufacturing room where she is tucked in a corner making lip balms. She greets me with a smile that makes a wrinkle in her eye.

“Whatcha makin’, Tish?”

“Some room sprays. They’re my favorite product and the first thing I was trained to make.” 

She shows me how she makes the room sprays, which is so entertaining for me since the Citrus Vanilla spray never fails to make my room smell sweet. Then, I get into the bigger questions.

“Tish, what would you say to someone who has never heard of Thistle Farms or our mission?”

Her eyes light up and she immediately says, “It’s phenomenal! It’s the cornerstone of love, healing and community, everything else just falls into place after that. Love heals!"

She goes onto explain to me, "Buying Thistle Farms saves lives by keeping the door open to women who need a safe place. It gives people another outlook on life, away from prostitution, addiction, or any kind of abuse.” 

Tish’s words leave me speechless - do room sprays really save lives? Tish is a living example that yes, they do.

By Autumn, Thistle Farms Intern

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