Thursday, January 3, 2013

Partnering Professional Work With Personal Passion

We are so grateful at Magdalene/Thistle Farms to hear from women doing remarkable work in their professional lives. They inspire us, and it is wonderful to know that we inspire them also! Recently, we had three such women who each found a way to partner their professional work with support of a personal passion to help others. We'd love to share those three women with you here.

Heather Jelks, from Nautilus Coaching in Alexandria Virginia, chose us this year as the organization to contribute to on behalf of her clients. She gave us a beautiful gift in their honor and introduced her clients to us in a letter.

"Each year, in honor of my network of clients and colleagues, Nautilus makes a contribution to an organization whose leadership exemplifies remarkable commitment. This year, I have made a contribution to Magdalene Inc. and Thistle Farms. Becca's reserves of strength and resilience are an example of her conviction in the power of community. My husband introduced me “virtually” to Becca two years ago by sharing a video. I knew Magdalene was the right organization for me when I woke up several weeks ago in the early morning hours, aware that the image of a female barefoot priest had visited me in my dreams. Since Becca is the only female priest I’m aware of who delivers a sermon barefoot,  I knew this image was a message! Becca Stevens embodies the qualities of personal leadership that we all seek to cultivate in ourselves: courage, conviction and care."  

Heather O’Neill Jelks, President
Nautilus Coaching & Consulting, LLC


Beth Laird and Creative Nation, a music publisher in Nashville, are sponsors of our Education Workshops. Beth also hosted about 15 of her friends at our annual fundraiser this year. In addition to, for Christmas, Beth purchased Thistle Farms Club memberships for the women in her life!

"I love the Thistle Farms Product of the Month Club...especially for Christmas gifts! It's the perfect way to pamper the women in your life and help the women at Thistle Farms year around.  Now I can give my friends and family 6 shipments of Thistle Farms products throughout the year instead of just giving them one gift in December.  I can't think of a better way to show love to the women in your life and give love to the women of Thistle Farms."

Beth Mason Laird
Creative Nation


Sarah Finks, a business coach Ann Arbor, Michigan, found us through a client. The work and the women in the program resonated with her and she gave a wonderful holiday gift in honor of her clients to the women here.

"I have a business coaching women who feel like they are stuck, feel trapped in their lives etc... and I help them to start living into their 'awesomeness.' I have been looking for a charity to partner with but was having the hardest time picking, it's been in the back of my mind for awhile but this weekend I knew I needed to take some action. I sat down at my desk this morning and one of my clients mentioned today that she had seen Becca speak in Cincinnati and she was all fired up about it. So I took a look and I absolutely LOVE what you are doing. Seriously, tears. I just knew this was the right fit. So thank you so much for finding me :)."

Sarah Finks, MSN, Life Management Expert For Women
Sarah Finks Facebook Page

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