Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Becomes Beautiful

When I was walking the streets I was unwanted. People would shout GET OFF THE STREETS! They would call the police and say I was a public nuisance. They would view and judge me only by sight and not allow themselves to see that I had any real depth. When really my spirit was crying out for love and kindness and I thought there was no one there to give it.

Photo by Stacye Wilson
Thistle paper starts out as unwanted things. Unwanted by almost everyone but Thistle Farms. Discarded paper, cardboard and a rough and prickly weed called the thistle. Most people consider these things trash or a public nuisance. Thistle Farms does not. These things also have depth. The thistle has healing properties and the paper and cardboard are the glue that holds the paper together.

Thistle Farms can see something beautiful in the things that most people want to throw away. Then they turn them into something beautiful, most importantly, the women.

By Jennifer, Thistle Farmer


  1. Good job, Jennifer. I know it’s hard some days. Keep up the daily commitment and steady work that got you where you are. You’re not in it alone.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Jenny, you are beautiful. Since we became FB friends, memories of PBS have come flooding back. You used to make me laugh so much. Was it you and I in the ride at the festival singing "We all live in a yellow submarine?" It seems like something you and I would do together. Love ya, buddy! Keep on keeping on.