Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The EMI CMG Christmas Give Away

Each year EMI CMG, record company home for artists like Toby Mac and Amy Grant, works with a local nonprofit and 'gives away their Christmas.' This past fall, Bill Hearn, president of the company, approached us with a great partnership opportunity for the holidays.

Over a two month period, our community had the opportunity to get to know EMI CMG employees in a variety of roles in the company -- from marketing and music publishing to sales and distribution -- and they got to know Magdalene residents and graduates and learn more about this work.

The EMI Christmas Give Away included:
  • A commissioned order to create 1,200 thistle paper custom covers for a EMI CMG Christmas compilation (covers produced in our paper studio).
  • A 12 Days of Christmas program where the entire company volunteered with us over 12 different days in November and December - helping us prepare for construction of the Thistle Stop CafĂ©, work in the paper studio and various volunteer work. 
  • Participating in The Great Cotton Harvest where they delivered over 700+ t-shirts for use in our paper and sewing studios.
  • A beautiful Christmas luncheon for Magdalene/Thistle Farms and their staff, with music from special guest Amy Grant.
  • A gift of $15,890 check to sponsor the 2013 class of 7 new women coming to work at Thistle Farms!

The partnership with EMI CMG is a beautiful example of business partnering with nonprofits to make long-term, sustainable impact in their community and beyond. We are deeply grateful to EMI CMG, to Al and Nita Andrews of Porter's Call for introducing us to them, and for all the gifts that the relationship brought to the community of Magdalene / Thistle Farms.

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  1. This makes me soo happy :) Love you all! We had such an amazing time working with you.
    -KandeeBarr, EMI CMG