Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Celebrating 10 Years of Thistle Farms

Over the past 10 years, Thistle Farms has grown from a line of two products made by four women in a church kitchen, to a company housed in an 11,000 square foot manufacturing and sales facility that employs 32 women and has a line of over 20 products. Over 100 women have been trained and employed over the past decade. Our products are available in 140 stores across the country, including a number of Whole Food stores.

In honor of our 10th year anniversary, the month of June is dedicated to promoting and celebrating our community. By helping raise money and awareness, we can keep our doors open and bring new women off the streets and into sanctuary.

Through word of mouth and social media (this blog, our Facebook page & Twitter account), we will offer a new way each week for our friends to help. We will also introduce 10 Thistle Farmers -- videos of members of our community, talking about where they were 10 years ago and what Thistle Farms means to them.

Here is our first week's (and throughout the month of June) request:

Raise $10,000 to provide education and training for 10 new women beginning work - and a new way of life - at Thistle Farms.

Simple Steps to fulfill Week #1's goal:

1. Go to this website:

2. Click on the green "GIVE" button

3. Choose the tier you would like to donate or type in your own amount

4. Fill out all pertinent information & click on the green "DONATE NOW" button

5. Share this link with your friends on email and via Facebook (easy as "like" the link)

6. Give yourself a big hug, knowing you just helped another woman begin a new way of life!

note: you do not have to have a Facebook account to donate, even though this is a Facebook-related Cause page.

Thank you, in advance, for your support and please continue to check back each week for more fun and meaningful ways you can personally help a woman find her way home.

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