Friday, June 24, 2011


One of our favorite parts of hand making and selling good-for-you-and-for-us products is hearing your reactions to them. We like to share this with our other friends in a blog feature we call TESTIMONIAL! If you have tried out one of our products, visited the store, seen Thistle Farms featured in any publication or just want to let the world know how much you love Thistle Farms' products, we want to hear about it.

Today's TESTIMONIAL! comes from a letter written by the Robins class from Montessori Centre.

Dear Friends at Thistle Farms,

We are the Robins Class from Montessori Centre. Some of us are 4 years old and some of us are 5 (or 5 1/2!).

Every day at rest time, we like to use the Lavender Body Balm to help us calm down. We think it smells like lemon and grape and peach and sunflowers. We learned that lavender flowers come from France. We also learned about the Magdalene house and the work you do at Thistle Farms. We love the lavender and we wanted to thank you for making it.

We love you!
You never know where a TESTIMONIAL! is going to come from. Thank you Addie, Mahoney, Brooks, Keelan Grace, Lauren, Autumn, Trevor and Luke. We love you too!

To smell our delicious body balm yourself, go to our online store. If you have a TESTIMONIAL! you'd like to share with us, email and tell us your story!

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