Sunday, June 19, 2011


On your day
I just want to say
I love you
Cause you are so true
To this family and your children
We didn't have much
In material goods
In fact what you could call dirt poor
You worked so hard to provide
Usually 60 hours a week
To make sure we were clothed and fed
We didn't have a fancy car
It was a rusted out '72 pickup truck
But it was our rockstar
As we would go bumping down our gravel driveway
The place we called home
It was fallen down to say the least
But it was shelter
It was a three headed beast to fix up
You worked long hours
Often into the wee hours of the morning
To fix every hole and leak
But what people fail to see
Is that we were millionaires in love
With church every week
School everyday
You did your duty
Now, I want to say have a great father's day.

by Lydia, Magdalene resident and Thistle Farmer

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