Monday, August 20, 2012

Five Questions With... Cindy

We are blessed to get some of the most talented 
and generous volunteers around.

Here's a volunteer spotlight 
(aka Five Questions With...)
on the super crafty

Cindy Zoesch.

1.  How often do you volunteer at Thistle Farms?
Weekly, on Wednesdays.

2.  How did you find out about us?
I read about you all in the newspaper and was very intrigued. 

3.  What have you done as a volunteer at Thistle Farms?
A variety of jobs in the papermaking department with plans to teach a couple of fun classes like cake decorating and other fun crafty things.  

4.  Please share a favorite moment in your 
volunteer experience with us.
Feeling welcomed by a particular Thistle Farms employee 
when I first arrived!

5.  Use one word to describe your experience so far.

YOU lift US up, Cindy!

If you want to get involved with Thistle Farms, 

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  1. Hey, I'm Aneta and I came across your blog by accident but I am so glad that I found it because it connects us to the same passion for three years I have volunteered in my town, I admire your passion can contact Connect wonderful it would be cool if I wrote back to him and invite greetings ps. soon also falls in my post about my volunteer work. Yours sincerely