Friday, August 24, 2012

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce and Connections

We are so grateful to be new members of the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. One of the first events we attended as new members was the "Pick Your Place" Luncheon. Katrina, Beth, Shana and I attended and while they were mingling with their fellow members, Shana looked up and yelled, “Oh my gosh!” It was her best friend from childhood, Odette Morales, who is the Accounting Manager at the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. Odette was always one of Shana’s most steadfast and supportive friends during her more troubled times. It was so sweet to see them hugging each other and reconnecting in such a different place in life.

Shana said, "If you would ask me about one person in my life that sticks out, it would be Odette. Our friendship started in middle school. As we grew older, we grew apart, but Odette always seemed to find me. Imagine my suprise when I walked in and heard someone say my name."

By Deb, Thistle Farmer

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