Monday, August 6, 2012

Five Questions With... Margot

Today's post features another lovely lady 
and dedicated volunteer Thistle Farmer, Margot Baeder.

Get to know Margot a little more with her
 Five Questions With...
interview below.

1.  How often do you volunteer at Thistle Farms?
Weekly on site, and several hours a week from home

2.  How did you find out about us?
As a visitor of St Augustine's Chapel, when Thistle Farms was still located there. Years ago!

3.  What have you done as a volunteer at Thistle Farms?
Fundraisers graduations, and I teach volunteers to paint thistles for the bookmarks and journals. Lot's of things and I love all of it.  

4.  Please share a favorite moment in your volunteer experience.
When I walked in on a Wednesday morning and some of the volunteers I had taught had already gotten all of the paints and bookmarks ready and were painting on their own without any instruction from me.  

5.  Use one word to describe your experience so far.

Margot, we're pretty sure fantaculous is a cross between fantastic and fabulous and if so, YOU are pretty fantaculous yourself! We are grateful for your presence each week in our circle and in the paper room.

If you want to get involved with Thistle Farms, 

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